Pentax is one of the oldest and most prestigious companies in the photography and optical market.

The house was founded in Tokyo in 1919 by Kumao Kajiwara.

In 2011 it was purchased by Ricoh, creating a brand that offers a wide range of products in the field of imaging.


Buying a reflex camera is for many a decision to be carefully evaluated. It is important to always carry the camera, wherever you go and in every condition. For this a camera Pentax is your ideal partner



The line of compact outdoor cameras proposed by Pentax offers uncompromising protection against water, dust, shock and cold.

Thanks to the rugged construction you will be free to take outdoors even in the most challenging conditions.

Ricoh Theta

Make photos and videos of all the space around you by pressing one button.

Introducing a 360-degree camera that lets you easily share amazing videos.

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